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Soldier 76 Jacket Reviews 2017 / 2018 and Buyers Guide


This beautifully designed soldier 76 jacket is available on Amazon store or $110 per piece provided by NMFashions at a reasonable price tag. The Overwatch Soldier 76 Jacket is available in multiple sizes, ranging from XX-Small to XXX-Large size, whatever you like. The size chart is available online; the jacket is multicolored with a perfect fitting to any size from top to bottom.

NameAll SizesGlovesMaskPrice

Overwatch Soldier 76

Dazcos Embroidered

Costume Soldier 76

Xfang Jacket Coat Costume

Hoodie Sweatshirt Costume

F&H Men’s Beige

F&H Men’s White

US Leather Soldier 76

F&H Men’s Green

Overwatch Soldier 76 Motorcycle Jacket



This beautifully designed soldier 76 jacket is available on Amazon store or $110 per piece provided soldier 76 jacket by NMFashions at a reasonable price tag. The Overwatch Soldier 76 Jacket is available in multiple sizes, ranging from XX-Small to XXX-Large size, whatever you like. The size chart is available online; the jacket is multicolored with a perfect fitting to any size from top to bottom.


Overwatch Soldier 76 Jackets are available at best possible prices online, choose the size that suits best to you, the jacket is made of 100% faux leather that means it isn’t going to tear down or become rough in the coming decade with such a great quality. It has a stand collar that makes life easier for bikers, there are protective measures around the waist in case of injuries, and a back printed with red and orange borders featuring 76.

In the Box

  • The delivery box contains:
  • Overwatch Soldier 76 Jacket

Exclusive deals for prime members including dress shirt, polo shirt, checked shirt, or sports shirt in options.

  • There are many size options to choose from, that means it fits everyone.
  • There are no accessories along with the jacket. The mask and gloves are not included in the package.

Dazcos Embroidered US Size PU Leather Soldier 76 Cosplay Jacket / Gloves


soldier 76 jacket leather

If you are looking for a complete and cost-effective Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket, DAZCOS will just fit your wallet and of course, yourself. The product is available at a cost-effective price range compared to the other vendors on Amazon and has a good customer rating.


DAZCOS leather jackets come with multiple size options; the size chart is provided by the seller while purchasing the item, starting from XX-Small to XX-Large, it almost fits every guy in the US. It has quality leather that remains glossy for years until it runs out of fashion. Comfortable clothing is used to make it perfect for long distances and every weather condition.

Solider 76 Jackets

In the Box

  • Soldier 76 Jacket only (basic package)
  • Soldier 76 Jacket with gloves (custom)


  • It is around $30 less expensive with the same quality as the other Soldier 76 jackets.
  • The gloves are available with a small additional price.
  • The company accepts free returns.
  • The XXX-Large size is still missing from the store.

Another Me Men’s Costume Soldier 76 PU Leather Embroidered Cosplay Jacket and Gloves Suit Male


Soldier 76 Leather Jacket for Bikers is a much0needed addition to Another Me store on Amazon. soldier 76 hoodieThe PU Leather jacket is durable and cheap, it includes gloves in the package, the best thing so far. The product is on sale and is available for $79.99 per package. The coloring is bright and breathable than most of the other manufacturers and suppliers, so there’s an edge to Another Me Soldier 76 Jacket.


The Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket is made of 100% original leather and is a favorite costume for men. The jacket is prepared with a precise and microfiber homemade technology the design is flawless; there’s no margin of error. Also, the shipping box includes jacket and gloves with options to add other gadgets at low cost. There are four sizes to choose from, i.e., small, medium, large, and X-large.

In the Box

  • Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket
  • Gloves
  • Biker Mask (Custom purchase)
  • Unlike other stores, it offers gloves along with the package.
  • There is no difference in quality; the leather quality is perfect.
  • There are only four size options available for soldier 76 motorcycle jacket.

Xfang Jacket Coat Costume for Mens Halloween Cosplay PU Leather


Xfang jackets are always the best quality and fastest to ship anywhere; they have high ratings andsoldier 76 jacket amazon loyal customers on Amazon. The leather quality is 100% original, the product is durable and can be worn anywhere not just while riding a bike or having a stroll on the street in a cool and rainy day.


There are more than six size options to choose from the vast catalog of Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket, if that doesn’t fit your size, there’s an option of custom made Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket by Xfang that will meet the demand. To reduce impact, the foam is embedded to the inner side of the jacket.

In the Box

  • Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket with 76 printed on the back.
  • Gloves with matching colors and size.
  • The jackets are heavy that makes them of good quality, wear them in any season.
  • Xfang custom made the Soldier 76 motorcycle jackets if it doesn’t fit your size.
  • Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket is waterproof.
  • There is no discount or sale offered on the product.

Soldier 76 Cosplay Hoodie Sweatshirt Costume for Adult Halloween



The Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket by Xcostume is available online at Amazon for as low as $60 and soldier 76 jacket for saleis available in all sizes for men and kids. It is a hoodie sweatshirt, not exactly the traditional jacket coat. See the size chart for the best size, if it’s not available, send an email and demand the custom-made cosplay hoodie sweatshirt with a huge 76 marked on the back of it.


Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket by Xcostume is more like a feature-filled jacket. As they say, it is made for Halloween parties, there are all the essential sizes available for it, and a hoodie for free along with the jacket. It is made of high-quality cotton, that stays warm and comfortable in all the conditions, especially in springs and autumns.

In the Box

  • Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket made of HQ cotton material
  • A zip up Hoodie
  • It is available at half the price compared to the other vendors online.
  • No leather material is used, so it cannot endure chilly weather conditions.
  • No gloves or masks are available in the package.

F&H Men’s Beige Overwatch Soldier 76 John “Jack” Morrison Jacket


Flesh & Hide Beige Soldier 76 Jacket has its custom designed colors and accessories for the soldier 76 jacket blackcostume. It is expensive than all the competitive products giving same quality. The price range is from $149 – $190, the size chart is big enough, from XX-Small to 5X-big size. The Soldier 76 motorcycle jacket is made of 100% synthetic leather.


The soldier 76 jacket features original synthetic leather with polyester and satin lining and two inside pockets on the front side of it. The zipper used is original YKK quality, there is a full money back guarantee if the size doesn’t fit the description.

In the Box

  • F&H Beige Overwatch Soldier Jacket.
  • The jacket is of Grade A leather with 14 days of money back guarantee.
  • The design is immaculate, and there are more than enough size options available for customers.
  • The product is quite expensive than its description.

F&H Men’s White Overwatch Soldier 76 John “Jack” Morrison Jacket


Flesh & Hide is a reputable leather manufacturer and designer; they always come up with a greatsoldier 76 jacket jet design. The price range of F&H Men’s overwatch soldier 76 John Morrison jackets are a bit high, yet it is acceptable owing to the quality and design. The white John Morrison jacket is fabulous, wear it anytime or anywhere, it never runs out of fashion.


The soldier 76 jackets has a white front and blue, black linings from shoulders to wrist linings. It has original YKK zipper, two pockets to the side with zippers, and Grade A synthetic leather used in the manufacture.

In the Box

  • F&H Men’s overwatch soldier 76 John Morrison jacket.
  • The product is carefully designed for all the weather conditions.
  • There are a lot of choices in sizes.
  • F&H Men’s overwatch soldier 76 John Morrison jackets are expensive than other leather jackets.

US Leather Soldier 76 Designer SLIM FIT Genuine Leather Jacket


The US Leather Soldier 76 jacket is perfect for men who wear the classic stuff. It is a multicolored soldier 76 jacket cosplayjacket with 100% pure leather used; there are polyester linings inside the jacket and a YKK zip up making it a masterpiece. There is a beautifully designed 76 market to the back of the jacket. There are two side pockets with zippers on them.


The product has 100% pure leather with a money back guarantee and all sizes available from kids to adults. US Leather Merchant sell it for $199 per item on Amazon, if you are in need of a masterpiece with traditional sports look, this jacket is for you.

In the Box

  • US Leather Soldier 76 jacket.


  • Made in the USA with 100% pure leather.
  • Designed specifically for all weather conditions and occasions.
  • The colors are darker with a dull look.

F&H Men’s Green Overwatch Soldier 76 John “Jack” Morrison Jacket


Flesh & Hide keep adding the marvelous leather jackets to the market for years now. The dark Solider 76 Jacketsgreen colored Soldier 76 Jack Morrison jacket is one of them. The size chart is vast, i.e., from X-Small to 5X Big size. It is shipped all over the United States as well as imported to other countries. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if the shipped product doesn’t fit the description.


The jacket is equipped with Original YKK zippers, polyester and satin linings. There are two side pockets with zipper on them. If you are a big fan of Overwatch, this one’s for you. The product is stitched and colored with care, be careful while washing it. Only clean with hands, don’t put it in a machine.

In the Box

  • Dark green colored Soldier 76 Jack Morrison jacket.
  • The color is trendy and fits all occasions.
  • It is quite expensive; there is no sale or flash offer on the product.


How to chose leather Soldier 76 Jacket

The ultimate guide to chose leather Soldier 76 Jacket.

The leather Soldier 76 jacket does not really belong to the masculine basics. For all that, it can become a very personal piece that will follow you for years, provided of course to choose it well. One thing is clear: it is an investment. You can not cheat on a leather soldier 76 jacket . That means that if you want to acquire one, you have to have the budget.

It is important to understand that. If you spend 200 euros in a “default” leather soldier 76 jacket, which will last two years before spoiling, or even with bad finishes, then why spend this money? You’ll just have lost it. In the limit, one could buy this kind of second-hand part: one finds plethora in fripery or on sites of second hand. Except that often, the cuts date and are quite wide … And maybe you prefer a more contemporary design?

No problem, this article will give you some keys to not investing in anything. What to watch, what style / style to privilege1and of course, what good brands offer. They tell you everything!

The leather Soldier 76 jacket: a thoughtful purchase

leather soldier 76 jacket
soldier 76 jacket leather

Checklist of errors not to be committed:

  • Buy Soldier 76 jacket without having the means : leather is an expensive material so for a beautiful jacket, it takes budget. In my view, it is unnecessary to spend a significant amount of money on clothing if it is not a priority. There are a large number of nylon or waxed (or oiled) cotton jackets that are similar in appearance and texture to the leather, but cheaper.
  • Buy a low-end piece : it’s better to wear a beautiful waxed cotton jacket than bad synthetic leather, shiny, with unpleasant touch and will age badly. Really, leather is a material that does not give the right to error: a bad leather will be seen very quickly.
  • Do not have the basics effective : it is useless to wear a good quality curved leather with a low-end jeans, with little subtle wash. The contrast of quality and cut will be seen and your efforts will be ruined. Before investing in items that are a little strong like this, make sure you already have a lot of efficient and quality basics .
    look jean brut perfecto brown man bonnegueule
  • To operate with the blow of heart : one repeats it often but a purchase must be reasoned and not triggered by a blow of heart. So certainly you do not have to work like robots to compare everything and the envy / pleasure factor must also be part of the purchase … But before you turn to a room, ask yourself anyway if it matches you. Do you see yourself carrying it? If the answer is no, skip your turn!

Concretely, I look at what?

As with many clothes – no, the leather soldier 76 jacket jet does not escape – there are a number of points you should be careful about before purchasing the item.

Prefer an adjusted cut

A beautiful leather jacket must be fitted . The sleeves have no balloon volume, the jacket falls at the level of the belt of the trousers, it naturally follows your blanks. The only exception is if you are fond of vintage cuts and old leather jackets where there is the reverse.

But the notion of oversize is already very hard to master as normal, so on a leather jacket, it is better to be sure of what you are doing. Why ? The oversize is often used on fluids (cotton, linen, cold wool, etc.): it is an effect that is used to give a look and that amplifies the movement of a garment. Now, a leather is rigid: it will not move much, even in motion.

Another thing: pay particular attention to the sleeves and the back . Avoid, like the plague, the ribbed elastic edges that will make you a fully packed lower back, often synonymous with poor quality leather. To finish, a leather is expensive to retouch and few are competent to do it. So you do not need to buy an expensive piece with the idea of ​​having it resumed if it does not suit you .

In short, go try or be sure to have taken your measurements to the nearest centimeter.

The simpler the piece, the easier it will be to wear

Except in the case of a perfecto, avoid overfilling of seams and closures. Your leather jacket is an expensive piece, so you will probably want to wear it often … In this case, choose a simple and sleek, more versatile model .

If you are buying your first solider 76 jacket cosplay and you are still looking for your style, some types of jackets will be avoided as they will lock you in a total look. It is for example the case of the jacket with collar very high, very marked creator.

Solider 76 leather jacket isaac sellam experience

Prefer a zip to a button

Avoid leathers with a button closure . The “hard-to-cook” side of a leather jacket (that’s the case soldier 76 jacket leather with zipto say) will no longer have any interest with.

High-end leather will also be labeled with a quality zipper: it must be sturdy, should not close too easily, should not shine and be rather patinated.

Examine grain for material
The most known and most versatile materials are lamb and lamb. Avoid cowhide or buffalo leathers that are often thick, stiff and far too bright. This does not mean they are of poor quality but their strength will be more useful for luggage, or a real thick biker jacket. Pig leather is coarser.

The horse leather is very beautiful and smoother, it is a leather that will have to break. That is to say wearing it until it softened, a bit like a raw jeans.

To recognize the animal, examine the grain2 :

Cow Leather / Ox / Buffalo : Completely uniform grain.
Sheep / lamb : patterns are interwoven and slightly less uniform.
Horse : grain is smoother.
Pork : the pores, which are numerous and deep, are especially noticeable.

Which style preferred for a leather jacket?

There are really many different styles. We have already evoked all the models of leather jacket in this article , the objective here will be to find the perfect solider 76 jacket amazon that can adapt to a great majority of outfits. We will therefore review the four most versatile models in my opinion (although not all of them are as easy to wear).

The perfecto

The perfecto was created in 1928 by Irving Schott to dress Long Island bikers on their Harley Davidson. Schott becomes a reference brand and its flagship model is still, 89 years later, the perfecto. Apart from his practical function in everyday life, he quickly integrated a cultural dimension, notably through cinema. If I evoke all this background, it is to show you how culturally this piece is anchored in our minds when we evoke the leather jacket. And yet, it’s not the easiest to wear. The perfecto is very marked due to its crossed closure, its specific collar and its very adjusted bend.

But in the strictness, the fact that it is marked is not so much a problem if one likes the style that it releases and that it corresponds to us. It is especially on the volumes that one must be vigilant: a perfecto is easily worn with other fitted parts, thus closing more doors style level.

Perfecto Asos Premium, shirt BonneGueule, chino Zara, Christian Dior glasses “So Real”. Benoit’s note: from a purely aesthetic point of view, if I deplored at the beginning a form a little too simple, it must be noted that they work rather well in this look.

The biker jacket

His particularity ? Its collar light chimney. Personally, it is the one that I appreciate the most. I find that it really brings something to a look, provided you assume it. Its design is pretty strong too , but I think it is less difficult to wear than one imagines a prior.

In addition, I see it as well worn in a casual register as more formal, without going so far as to wear a complete suit necessarily. Only flat: it is like the perfecto, very adjusted, and therefore easier to wear with other pieces adjusted.


Leather bomber

We go into a more casual / urban register but we do not lock ourselves in for that! The bomber is a rather transverse piece, which is easy to wear. In leather, it’s the same! There, you will take less head on the volumes since its initial shape has it itself. With jeans or chino a bit wide, it works. With more slim cuts down, it also works. For the ups, it’s the same. It can also be worn with a shirt, a sweater or a simple tee-shirt. No worries on that side!

The flight jacket

It’s a bit like the cousin of the bombers. Coming both from the military world, it is carried with the same facility. Given its origins, it is a room with a lot of character.

Schott collar without collar

The right brands for a Solder 76 leather jacket?

soldier 76 jacket amazonBefore reading this small selection, I remind you that trying to find a jacket for less than 300 euros is not worth the cost: the quality will not follow and you will have spent your pennies for nothing. This is why we prefer to start this selection with the mid-range.

If the budget is lacking, it is better to wait and save a little .3

Schott : from 350 euros, we are on a very good price / quality ratio for a leather in the basic design but with the American identity and military very marked.
Chevignon : a good basic leather and no frills with entry range of around 250/300 euros in sales (which are worth more cost than 400 euros in normal times).
All Saints : between 400 and 500 euros, it is a brand in which you will buy your first leather jacket (in any case, it’s worth it): take an entry-level, simple and versatile.
Ron Abraham : leathers are only available in stores. But the quality is really very good for a very reasonable price.

Falcon Garments : we go into the high-end with quality skins and above all the choice of personalized the piece according to its desires and even to adapt it to its morphology. The price will depend on the level of personalization but it is necessary to envisage at least 900 euros.
Aero Leather Clothing : offers high-quality leathers at reasonably priced quality (less than 1000 euros) but with paid options such as Italian vegetal leather, a certain type of lining or other details.
Belstaff : English brand of quality, vintage spirit, which has dressed many Hollywood personalities. Starting from 1000 euros.

Hoon : between 900 and 1800 euros, a young Parisian brand that places the product in the heart with very finished finishes and materials of very high quality.
The Real McCoy’s : Japanese brand with resolutely workwear style that draws much from the military dressing room of the 40s and 50s. Around 2000 euros.
Carol Christian Poell : scalpel-cut leathers, with a crazy approach to the textures.
jackets leather-carol-christian-Poell
Rick Owens : the most famous dark brand, he plays a lot with volumes and shapes. The draped leather is his dada.
Isaac Sellam Experience : the brand is distinguished by its beautiful work of exotic leathers.
Balmain : perfectos cut to perfection.